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    Praise for Fenton's  Walking Magazine   The Complete Guide To Walking   "Mark Fenton strides right past all the fad-and-gimmick fitness books with practical, no-nonsense advice to help people of all ages, sizes and shapes start and stick with exercise."--Miriam E. Nelson, PhD., Director of the Center for Physical Fitness, Tufts University School of Nutrition Science and Policy, and author of  Strong Women, Strong Bones   "Mark Fenton is the master at helping people get the most from walking. His new book provides a highly motivating, step-by-step plan to take you as far as you want to go--from beginner to race-walk marathoner. Even I gained a wealth of new insights about the science and practical application of walking for better fitness." --Kathy Smith, author of  Kathy Smith's Lift Weights to Lose Weight   "Having competed in walking races all around the world, it took having a baby and adding a couple of notches to my belt for me to realize the full value of Mark Fenton's structured approach to developing and maintaining a healthy daily walking program." --Carl Schueler, four-time Olympic race-walker   
            Take one year to change your life - forever!   WORKING OUT HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER   All that’s needed to get fit is a pair of walking shoes and a copy of Mark Fenton’s invaluable handbook. In this new and completely revised edition, Fenton speaks to modern concerns, such as preventing and controlling serious health conditions, motivating families to walk together, finding the best walking spots nationwide, and using new technology to get fit faster and more safely.  Much more than a “how-to” exercise book, The Complete Guide to Walking is an interactive and inspirational resource that can make the difference for millions of Americans who struggle with weight loss, health and dietary concerns, stress, and chronic fatigue. The author offers dozens of realistic solutions to help you overcome your individual barriers to regular daily activity. As a coach of beginners and world-class athletes alike, Fenton promises that he can transform virtually anyone from couch potato to athlete in less than one year with this straightforward, motivational, and enjoyable prescription to a healthier life.

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