• The Easy Auto Siphon Cane/Plunger Unit

    Brewcraft USA

  • $16.38

  • Description

    Using an auto siphon is the easiest way to transfer your beer from your fermenter. If you're bottling your brew or moving it into a secondary fermenter, auto siphons are the way to go. This auto cane/plunger equipment fits vinyl tubing with a 5/16" diameter, generally starts with a single siphon stroke, and includes an anti-sediment tip for enhanced quality. Ensure high performance and exemplary sanitation by making the Easy Auto Siphon a part of your homebrew supplies. In stock and ready to ship. Features: Made of plastic. Designed to start with a single siphon stroke. Easy transfer of beer from fermenter to bottles. Disassembles for cleaning. Includes anti-sediment tip. Specs: Siphon Dimensions: 3/8" Diameter. Uses 5/16" vinyl tubing.

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