• The Elf on the Shelf: Plushee Pals 19 Inch Elf Light Skin

    The Elf on the Shelf

  • $16.09

  • Description

    Plushee Pals are touchable versions of The Elf on the Shelf pixie scout elf from the North Pole. Unbelievably soft to the touch, these elves are meant to be held and squeezed all year round. Made with the softest material Santa could find – the Plushee Pals are perfect for a child’s loving arms. This Plushee Pal elf is a boy with blue eyes and light skin.
           Made of the softest material Santa's toy makers could find these adorable elves are toy versions of their REAL North Pole scout elf counterparts. Touching and squeezing are not only allowed but encouraged!

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