• The Essentials of Ba Gua Zhang

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    This is a unique portrayal of the power, effectiveness and beauty of the art of Ba Gua Zhang, a special martial art like Tai Chi. The essential principles and training methods of BGZ are presented by Master Gao Ji Wu, inheritor of Beijing Gao Family BGZ. Chapters cover the basic principles of Ba Gua Zhang, nei gong, footwork, standing postures, fixed posture circle walking, the eight basic palm methods and the Ba Gua linking form, as well as kicking and seizing methods, pushing hands and BGZ's 36 songs and 48 methods. With over 570 photographs. Gao Ji Wu began study of traditional Chinese martial arts at age seven under the tutelage of his father and grandfather. Today, Gao Ji Wu carries on his family's martial arts tradition. His expertise and understanding of BGZ and the 64 Hands is extensive and unique. This book and those to follow will expand on this previously filmed VCDs. Tom Bisio has been involved with martial arts since 1973. He teaches Xing Yi and Ba Gua and heads a Chinese medicine clinic in New York where he is known as an expert in Chinese sports medicine. He is the author of A Tooth from the Tiger's Mouth. This new book is nicely formatted, with big clear pictures and direct translations of many Ba Gua key points from the "songs". A very good effort for anyone interested in any branch of the Ba Gua tree.

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