• THE FIGHTING FOOTWORK OF KUNTAO AND SILAT A Complete Guide To The Tactical Legwork Of Kuntao, Silat, And Kuntao-Silat by Bob Orlando (4 DVD Set - Volumes 1-4)

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    The first volume of Fighting Footwork of Kuntao covers the critical elements of silat, kuntao and hybrid kuntao-silat legwork, as well as the mechanics of trapping and unbalancing an opponent with your legs. It also includes the first two langkahs (lower-body training drills) of Orlando's system of martial science.
    Volume 2 covers the mechanics of the third and fourth langkahs of Orlando's system and the subtleties of their variations. He shows the secrets of the true fighting function of silat's distinctive cross-legged or "twist" stance, as well as how to apply your newfound skills combatively, coordinating your upper-body technique with the powerful traps, grinds, knee-wrenches and off-balancing maneuvers that represent the heart of the langkahs.
    The third volume of Fighting Footwork of Kuntao shows how to integrate the critical skills of langkahs 1-4 of Orlando's kuntao-silat system into the most advanced drills of the art, langkahs 5 and 6. Orlando follows up with the strategy and tactics of advanced Indonesian legwork and shows how to relentlessly pursue an attacker, constantly trapping, locking and destroying his legs as you pummel him with hand techniques.
    Volume 4 of Fighting Footwork of Kuntao emphasizes muscle-burning exercises and drills to develop the strength and stamina necessary to employ kuntao-silat footwork effectively in combat. Orlando demonstrates how to integrate strength training with reflex and technique practice through revolutionary training methods. Finally he shows how to adapt the traps, grinds and locks in the first three volumes of the series into a knee-breaking,ankle-popping arsenal of low-line kicks.

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