• The Germ that Causes Cancer


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    Doug Kaufmann looks at the science behind cancer and raises serious questions about the long held beliefs about its causation. --  Roby D. Mitchell, M.D., Ph.D. Doug Kaufmann's book should be required reading for researchers at the National Cancer Institute. --  Patrick Quillin, Ph.D, R.D., C.N.S. This book agrees with my desire to have people recognize that cancer is a biologically-induced spore (fungus) transformation disease. --  Milton W. White, M.D, F.I.C.S. This book should be required reading for researchers at the National Cancer Institute. --  Patrick Quillin, Ph. D., R.D., C.N.S. 
           DEDICATION  This book is dedicated to the faces I hope we will all see one day.   First, Seaver ~ a young boy ravaged by cancer. I learned more about life than about cancer in my short relationship with him. His addicting smile, even in end stages of cancer, will remain a lesson for me my entire life. Before his death, he shared with me his after-life expectation of becoming heaven’s gatekeeper. Today, many years later, I am convinced that in order to see the face of God, we will all first see the face of Seaver. If you knew this brave young boy as I did, your walk on earth would be carefully planned so as to witness the smiles on their faces.  I also dedicate this book to Dr. Beverly Hunt ~ her painstaking work, even in the face of sweemingly insurmountable odds, never went unnoticed. Almost six years of her life has been spent in completion of this book. With childlike candor, Beverly kept my nose to the grindstone, night after night, weekend after weekend. All the while, Beverly was convinced that completing the book you hold in your hands would save peoples lives. Rarely does one meet an individual with such talent and steadfast dedication. I am humbled to be her friend.  To Alice, my mother, and to John, my father ~ know that you allowed this discovery by constantly "raising the bar." You each told me that no matter what I did with my life, I was expected to do it better than anyone else. Thank you for your vigilance.  To Ruth, my wife, and my sons Evan and Ethan ~  I know a lot of time was missed in writing this book that perhaps should have been spent with you. Thank you for the encouragement you lent. You have unselfishly assisted in completing this book so that others may benefit by heeding it.   I love you dearly.  Finally, to David ~ without whom this book may never have been written. Thank you.

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