• The Great ABC's of Tactics Chess Training Program


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    As is usual with CDs by George Renko, his latest publication provides a wealth of training exercises. He begins with an explanation of the rules of chess. Several thousand one movers provide practice of even the simplest tactical patterns. And for those who quickly master this stage, the CD offers many further tactical exercises. 
    * Training material in 7 databases 
    * Over 11,000 training exercises 
    * Reader based on ChessBase 9.0
    About the author: 
    George Renko is a mathematician and a chess trainer. He comes from the Soviet Union, but has lived for many years in the USA. ChessBase has already published his CDs "Intensive Course: Tactics", "Killer moves" and "Deadly Threats". 
    System Requirements: Pentium-PC, 32 MB RAM, Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98 SE, CD-ROM drive, mouse

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