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    Meet the Gruffalo - The fiercest animal in the forest The Gruffalo has arrived in North America and can be seen on TV in 2012. In this game, players race to see who can find the Gruffalo first. Watch out, he could be hiding anywhere in the forest. Develops creative and imagination skills Based on the award-winning books by Julia Donaldson, the next big preschool book property Supported by Oscar-nominated short. Bob Moog and Cris Lehman founded University Games in 1985. The company has added many divisions and continues to broadened their scope a lot since then, but the University Games' products remain true to the standards set more than 24 years ago. Creative gameplay and quality components are UGames standard, but that's UGames offer. University Games uses five simple principles to make great games: People want to play right away. The games are easy to learn. Start playing in five minutes. People hate to wait. UGames keep all players involved, even when it's not their turn. People love a challenge. University Games are different every time you play. People want to win. UGames combines luck and skill, so every player has a chance to win. Parents want educational activities for their kids. University Games make learning fun and provides original ways to have fun. So spend time with them and you can have a great time with the family, get to know the neighbors or even learn how to read.
            University Games The Gruffalo Game Based on the award-winning books by Julia Donaldson, players race to see who can be the first to find the Gruffalo hiding somewhere in the forest! Product Measures: Recommended Ages: 3 - 8 years

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