• The Happiness Matrix: Creativity and Personal Mastery (2012)

    Beyond Words Publishing

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    "The Happiness Matrix" is a 2-hour personal growth DVD, manifesting, in a practical, authentic and engaging manner, a powerful thought process that anyone can use to transform their lives. 
    Sourced from wisdom traditions, "The Happiness Matrix" is a thoroughly tested and proven program based on the life-changing MBA course, "Creativity & Personal Mastery", taught at some of the world's top ranking business schools. 
    "The Happiness Matrix" will open you up to possibilities you never dreamed of and give you the tools you need to begin your transformation. Your internal changes will be rapidly reflected in the world outside and lead you to an immeasurably more fulfilling life.
    For further information, please email support@TheHappinessMatrix.com 
    To view the Trailer, visit: http://www.thehappinessmatrix.com/trailer.html

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