• The Horn of the Unicorn [paperback]


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    From the author of our tremendously popular The Mouth of the Lion (the life of heroic Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer) comes this new - and different - biography of Archbishop Lefebvre.
    Make no mistake, this biography is unlike ANY you have read before. It is a mosaic, if you will, providing parenthetical glimpses and historical soundbites of the life of Marcel Lefebvre. Each tid-bit (sometimes one to a page, sometimes five to a page) offers a new and fascinating insight.
    A truly unique style of writing. It is perfectly suited to those who want the convenience of picking up the book and reading for one minute OR one hour. Pick it up. Put it down. On your time.
    Although not a definitive and exhaustive biography like Bishop Tissier de Mallerais's Marcel Lefebvre, The Horn of the Unicorn deftly weaves poetry, Scripture, anecdotes, news, and history into the story of the life of Archbishop Lefebvre.
    The result is an inspiring and thought-provoking appreciation of his life from one of America's most distinguished Catholic writers. But, you're asking, "I read Bishop Tissier's bio. Why should I read this one?" Because it invites the reader to reflect on the life of Archbishop Lefebvre in a new and different way. Like a motion picture on paper, Dr. White associates thoughts, images, notions, quotations in such a way that an understanding of the Archbishop and his times emerges.

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