• The Littles - The Complete Collection

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    Deep within the walls of the Bigg house lives a family of small, nearly-human creatures with tails and pointed ears known as The Littles.  Despite their small stature, The Littles are a tightly-knit loving family with the same cares, worries and joys that we share.  But being so tiny in such a large a world brings many adventures and jeopardies to the Littles, for something as sweet and cuddly as a household cat is a real menace to them.  Henry, a young boy who has discovered the existence of the Littles, joins them in many of their adventures as the Littles live in his home and as they travel to many far off places of the world meeting other Littles and having even more adventures.   This special DVD collection contain all 29 episodes from the beloved series and both made-for-TV feature length films:  Here Come the Littles  and  Liberty & The Littles    Based on the series of children's novels by American author John Peterson   Originally ran on ABC Saturday mornings from 1983 to 1986   Similar to Mary Norton's novel  The Borrowers ,  The Littles  features a family of tiny but intelligent humanoid creatures with mouse-like features    The very first animated series produced by animation giant  DIC Entertainment

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