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    "Brenda Cobb creates a system leading to energy, perfect weight, beauty and longer life. A must book for every home." --  Viktoras Kulvinskas, M.S., author of the best-selling Survival Into the 21st Century and co-founder, with Dr. Ann Wigmore of the world-famous Hippocrates Health Institute. June 2002, book cover "Brenda Cobb’s story is truly an inspiration. In her book, you will find hope, recipes, testimonials, and common sense." --  David Wolfe, author, The Sunfood Diet Success System and Eating For Beauty. June 2002, book cover "Please place this book in your health library; the natural laws of living can help you regain your health." -- Dean Martens, MH. President and Founder, Herbs of Light, Inc., June 2002, book cover 
           Living Soul Publishing is pleased to offer the first comprehensive book detailing the Living Foods Lifestyle in more than 20 years.  Ann Wigmore, who developed the program which Brenda Cobb follows and has added to, wrote several books many years ago, but they have largely gone out of print now.  With this book, Brenda Cobb brings us current with the enduring aspects of the Wigmore program and provides readers with many new recipes from her own kitchen.  Brenda's book empowers the reader to take up the Lifestyle, with or without the experience of the 10 day program at her Institute in Atlanta.  The book is not only empowering, it is also inspiring, because it includes the stories of many people who have healed from chronic diseases.  Millions of people suffer from diabetes, arthritis, menopausal symptons, obesity, AIDs, heart disease, asthma, allergies, and cancer, as did the people whose stories are told in this book.  With the book and her program, Brenda offers hope to the many people who suffer from these diseases.  For those who simply want to lose weight or live a simpler lifestyle, Brenda offers many excellent recipes and detailed advice on how to avoid the many toxins and problems with today's food and water supply.  This book has wide appeal and has the potential to save many lives.

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