• The Myth of the Sword

    Paladin Press

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    Since the dawn of civilization every culture has used the sword as a tool in warfare, a defender of honor or a means of self-protection. Yet few have uncovered its mysteries to get at the truth of its history, purpose and use ... until now. In this original Paladin production, world-renowned sword expert Hank Reinhardt pulls aside the veil of myth and fantasy to expose the realities of swords and sword combat. Often controversial, sometimes provocative, but never boring, Reinhardt presents a detailed history of swords, their evolution and their use in both warfare and individual combat around the globe. Reinhardt also answers the most commonly asked questions on dueling, ancient and medieval warfare and modern-day care of swords. Finally, through dramatic cutting demonstrations on armored and unarmored targets, he demonstrates the proper use and awesome power of a variety of swords, from Japanese katanas to medieval broadswords. If you've ever seen or handled a sword and felt an indefinable thrill that sent your spirit singing back to the days of yore, this video is a must-see.  For information purposes only .

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