• The NLT Kids Bible

    Tyndale House Publishers

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    Designed for kids ages 8-13 The NLT Kids Bible will help tween readers figure out not only what they should believe but why they should believe it—and what better way to search for truth than in God's Word! The NLT Kids Bible's many creative features and popular NLT text will cause kids to dig deeper in the Scriptures for life-changing truth, helping them live their lives for Christ! 


    • 52 “I Believe” Statements identify important beliefs of the Christian Faith
    • 150 Character Profiles of real-life people in the Bible—you'll find out that some of them lived for God while others did not
    • “Can you Believe it?” notes tell amazing stories of miracles and battles that sound almost too strange to believe
    • “That's a Fact!” info bytes focus on cultural and religious backgrounds to the Bible
    • Book Introductions give a quick look at what you'll read about in each book of the Bible. Themes, important moments of belief and life lessons are explained, with verses to help you think about them
    • “Say What?” notes give cool definitions for key Bible terms and phrases
    • Key Verses—hundreds of them—are highlighted to point out important truths kids need to remember
    • Full Color Inserts include info about Christianity, God's plan of salvation, how you can have a personal relationship with God, and how to deal with life when it gets tough

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