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    Effect Examples: 

    RX2 Key Bender: A normal key is examined and spectators are invited to try and bend it. They cannot. The performer shows the front and back of his other hand, then gently slides it over the key, gives it a slow rub, then moves the hand away and the key is bent. And you are clean.

    The following routines are explained only. Necessary props are easily available in your area, or from your favorite dealer.

    Ten2Ten: The performer explains that no one likes change. He removes a handful of change from his pocket, removes and pockets a few coins, leaving 5 pennies and a nickel in his hand. He shows his other hand empty, then places his hands together and squeezes the coins into a single dime that can be examined. You are clean at the end.

    Bubble DeGummed: The performer removes the chewed gum from his mouth, placing it in the old wrapper, then rolls it into a ball and places it on his palm-up hand. He waves his other hand over the used gum and it transforms into a new, square, unopened piece of bubble gum! You are clean at the end.

    The Raven Midas Coins: The performer has an ordinary quarter examined and placed on his palm-up hand. He then rubs it over the coin...his touch changes the coin to gold! The gold coin can be examined, then pocketed, changed back. You are clean at the end.

    RX2 $100 Bill Switch: A one dollar bill changes to a $100 dollar bill in an impossible manner. You are clean at the end.

    Coin Change: The performer places a half dollar on his palm-up hand, shows his other hand front and back, then moves his hand over the half dollar and it changes to two quarters! You are clean at the end.

    Bonus: Instructions explain, with photo illustrations, a new, lightning fast way to bring your Raven, Reel Raven, Universal Raven or RX2 into play, quickly and easily.

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