• The Real Wyatt Earp: A Documentary Biography

    Clear Light Publishing

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    In the annals of the West, only Billy the Kid rivals Wyatt Earp as a household name and figure of history. Yet who was Wyatt Earp? Some biographers, many relying on the memoirs of Earp himself, have portrayed his adventures ... as the daring-do of a nearly flawless lawman and Western hero. Others have portrayed him as an outlaw and scoundrel of the first rank, a man who hid his crimes behind a badge. In The Real Wyatt Earp, Steve Gatto has sifted through vivid newspaper accounts, court records and documents, and analyzed them and reproduced them so the reader might judge for himself. He thus uncovers the real Wyatt Earp, a man far more complex and interesting than the lawman of Hollywood and popular history.

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