• The Ruler Who Serves

    Discovery House Publishers

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  • Description

    Those who witnessed the miracles of Jesus and heard His parables asked themselves, "Who is this?" In this highly-readable two-volume set, author Ray Stedman introduces us to the Servant-leader, who para- doxically hid God's truth only to make it more visible. The author's compelling stories and insights guide the reader to a deeper under- standing of Mark's action-packed book, which is, in Stedman's words, "an excellent introduction to the gospel story for people of all back- grounds, tribes, and classes. Of the four gospels, Mark is truly the "multicultural" gospel. . .the most easily understood by a universal audience. As readers acquire a deeper grasp of the truths presented by Mark's gospel, they will be on their way toward a deeper walk with the Savior Mark described.

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