• The Scientific Study of Dreams: Neural Networks, Cognitive Development, and Content Analysis

    Magination Press (American Psychological Association, APA)

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    This text presents a neurocognitive model of dreams that draws from empirical research to explain better the process of dreaming and the nature of dream content. Contemporary advances in neuroscience, dream content analysis, cognitive linguistics, statistics and computer software have made it possible to revitalize this area of research with the use of scientific methods. Domhoff's neurocognitive model helps explain the neural and cognitive bases for dreaming. He discusses how dreams express conceptions and concerns, and how they are consistent over years and decades. He also shows that there may be limits to understanding meaning of dreams as there are many aspects of dream content that cannot be related to waking cognition of personal concerns. In addition, the book includes a detailed explanation of the methods needed to test the model as well as a case study of a comprehensive dream journal.

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