• The Secret Life of Compost: A Guide to Static-Pile Composting - Lawn, Garden, Feedlot or Farm

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    Charles Walters is the founder and executive editor of Acres U.S.A., North America’s oldest and largest magazine covering organic and sustainable agriculture issues.  He has penned thousands of articles on the technologies of sustainable farming – dubbed "eco-agriculture" because it is both economical and ecological. Walters is the author of many books, including: Weeds: Control Without Poisons; A Farmer’s Guide to the Bottom Line; Mainline Farming for Century 21; Eco-Farm; Grass, the Forgiveness of Nature; and others. A leading proponent of raw material economics, he has served as president of NORM and has authored several books on economics, including his classic work, Unforgiven: The American Economic System Sold for Debt and War.

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