• The Secure Home

    Joel M. Skousen / Swift Learning Resources

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    Joel Skousen's books are highly sought after due to the great amount of hands-on experience he has in this field.  His original Survival Home Manual was the pioneering work in the high security residential field, over 25 years ago.  This completely new work, with an updated title (The Secure Home) is destined to replace his original work as THE definitive work in the field of self-sufficient and high security architecture.
           This book contains all of the design concepts and implementation details I use in my work.  I have placed these valuable illustrations and descriptions in The Secure Home to help readers do all or part of their own design work.  My work load has increased so much over the years that I only have time to consult on design now and must leave the detail design work to other designers or architects. This book provides the necessary details to help others do the implementation.  This allows me to better serve hundreds of clients each year instead of a handful.  I encourage a lot of do-it-yourself design and construction and thus have tried to develop many simply and inexpensive ways to provide security.  With the online update of recommended equipment and products it saves me from having to revise the entire print edition to keep the book current.

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