• The Southwest Inside Out: An Illustrated Guide to the Land and Its History

    Sterling Publishing

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    NATURAL WONDERS EXPLORED AND EXPLAINED . . . an authoritative, user-friendly guide to awe-inspiring landscapes of the Greater Southwest (desert and canyon country of southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, northern Mexico, western Texas, Nevada, Utah, and western Colorado).  Lavishly illustrated with 315 color photographs, 33 illustrations, and 7 maps, including a customized 15"x 20" tear-out road map.  The text blends travel tips, Native American legends, prehistoric and historic vignettes, and non-technical explanations of earthly processes and events that have shaped the land, people, and wildlife.  Included are attractions as familiar as the Grand Canyon and those as unfamiliar as musical dunes and dinosaur tracks. 

    The writing is informative without being academic, suitable for all adults and students in junior high and up. And the back-matter is packed with resources to help outdoor adventure-seekers plan their trips: 136 helpful websites, annotated listings for 63 books and 109 scenic attractions (including notable sites outside the parks), and a comprehensive index.

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