• The Woman: a Practical Guide to Women's Health for Men (Haynes Family Manuals)


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    The latest title in the acclaimed series of Haynes Family Manuals is intended to help men understand all aspects of women's health. Author Ian Banks brings his unique talent for demystifying medical jargon to bear on topics from anaemia to weight loss, breast cancer to thrush, and all points in between. The information is presented in a down-to-earth fashion, with a good sprinkling of humour ("Why does one sperm fertilise the human egg? Because all the others refuse to stop and ask for directions"). And who else would have thought of comparing the process of giving birth to the FA Cup Final? Making sure that the woman's point of view is properly represented, well-known broadcaster and agony aunt Suzie Hayman has read the manuscript, made a few corrections and provided numerous hints and tips; these have been illustrated in inimitable style by cartoonist Jim Campbell. Everything else you'd expect from a Haynes manual is here - technical illustrations, fault finding charts, reference material - and chapters covering the following topics. (see table of contents)

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