• The Yin of Tai-Chi: Tao, Tai-Chi & The Mysterious Female

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    Over the past twenty years, studying the Tai-Chi has become increasingly popular in the West, yet for the vast majority of these students Tai-Chi has been reduced to a series of meaningless movements. Without a deeper understanding of the philosophy that spawned it, the Tai-Chi is incomplete, merely a series of exercises to be memorized and performed. Here you'll find a thorough discussion of Wu Chi, the Yin or female counterpart to Tai-Chi's male or physical energy, which together make up the Tao (the Way), the totality of all things. Literally translated as the "Ancient Beginning," Wu Chi relates to the spiritual in the way that Tai-Chi does the physical. Only by truly understanding and embracing this duality can one's soul be fully developed and the resulting strength, serenity, and clarity of mind woven into your daily living.

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