• Thera‐Band shoulder pulley

    FEI Fabrication Enterprises (page 1 to 150 on pricelist)

  • $24.31

  • Description

    Unlike conventional shoulder pulleys, the Thera-Band Shoulder Pulley features a unique rope that is divided into sections by distinct black marks. By referencing the position of these marks during exercise, patients get immediate feedback on progress. As they move from one black mark to the next during the course of rehab, they can literally see how much their range of motion is improving! 
    The black marks can also be used by clinicians to clearly communicate goals and limits, so that patients know how far to go and where to stop. 
    Other features also enhance this innovative product. The Thera-Band Shoulder Pulley can be anchored at any point along a standard door jamb to accommodate a wide range of exercises. The adjustable rope length offers custom fit and versatility, and the soft foam handles provide superior comfort during use.

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