• There's a Puppy in the House: Surviving the First Five Months


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    Mike Wombacher's second book, "There's a Puppy in the House" is the latest and best guide to raising your puppy available anywhere. It leaves literally no topic relevant to puppy raising untouched. Written in an easy and engaging style, it includes an in-depth look at housebreaking, covers every area of concern for new puppy owners including home manners, socializing, obedience training and much much more.  

    Unlike any other book on the market, this book contains a day by day, week by week timeline explaining exactly how and when to introduce the exercises in this book. It also contains over 200 photos and illustrations (more than any other puppy book) to clearly demonstrate how to perform every exercise discussed. It's also heavily cross referenced for ease of use and filled with dozens of resources to other areas of puppy raising and dog training.

    The layout of the book makes it exceedingly easy to find the topics you're looking for in short order and the advice itself is simple, direct and easy to implement.

    In short, this is a user friendly, highly functional guide to maximizing the joys of puppy ownership while minimizing its frustrations.

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