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    Glitter tattoo kit - "Things with Wings" includes beautiful fantasy wings of things that fly. From enchanted fairies to cupid and Pegasus - this temporary tattoo kit contains special elements not found as a collection anywhere else. This glitter tattoo kit that has everything you need to create amazing glitter body art in less than a minute and the results last for up to 5 and even 7 days. Hypoallergenic, safe for the skin and waterproof. Includes: 6 Large cosmetic-grade glitters, 12 re-usable designs, 2 cosmetic brushes and 1 special formula body adhesive. Glitter tattoo kit "Things with Wings" includes the following tattoo designs: Hummingbird, Winged Heart, Butterfly & Flowers, Butterfly Armband, Fairy, Dragonfly, Spring Butterfly, Angle Wings, Dancing Fairies, Cupids, Pegasus, Cascading Butterflies. Some of the designs in this kit are intricate so please apply with care as you gently peel the top protective layer while holding the stencil onto the skin. Also use care when peeling the stencil from the skin after the glitter application. Glitter size: 6 of 0.13 OZ each (compared to 4 of 0.05-0.07 OZ by other popular brands) Body Adhesive size: 7 ML (compared to 3 ML by other popular brands) Things with Wings glitter tattoo kit was produced as a result of the high popularity of the GlitZGlam stencil set: "Things with Wings." The kit is an improved version of the tattoo stencil set and includes 2 bonus designs as well as 6 spectacular cosmetic colors designed to create amazing body art for children, teenagers and adults with a theme of wings and fantasy. It also includes a special body adhesive and 2 cosmetic brushes so there is nothing else needed to create your glitter tattoo. The GlitZGlam glitter tattoo kit is a "do it yourself" product, no-mess application that is so easy to do and no artistic skills are required. The results are simply professional-looking body art.

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