• Thomas Alarm Clock


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    If your child has a tough time hearing the alarm clock, the Thomas Alarm Clock may be the  ideal solution.  An adorable version of a quaint old-fashioned alarm clock, he has a sturdy bright-blue metal  body with two bells and a hammer on top. When the alarm sounds, the hammer vibrates between the bells,  making a racket that will rouse the most reluctant of sleepyheads. And there's no snooze button! On the  clock face, a train track encircles Thomas, who smiles a cheery "Good morning!" Big, bold numbers, black  and yellow hour and minute hands, and a bright red second hand make it easy for a beginner to track time's  progress. A dancing cloud near Thomas' right headlamp keeps pace with the rhythm of the second hand and  adds a jaunty bit of whimsy. Stands almost 7 inches tall. Requires one AA battery (not included).   --Julie Ubben 
           Just like really useful engines, it?s important for little engineers to be on time too. Waking up to the clanging bells of the Thomas Alarm Clock, little engineers will think they fell asleep at the Main Station.

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