• Thomas the Tank Engine Wooden Railway Cranky the Crane

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    Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends is an ensemble of lovable  railroad characters that includes Cranky the Crane. Cranky is one of the  add-ons to the award-winning Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway System.  Straight out of the books by W. Awdry that made Thomas famous, Cranky  has a fascinating history and a captivating personality. This crane  comes with experience, a slightly testy temperament, and two large red  handles for easy operation. Cranky's body attaches lickety-split to the  crane tower. One handle pivots Cranky around; the other raises and  lowers cargo for loading and unloading cars by magnetic power. Cranky  the Crane comes with one piece of cargo, also durably built of wood.   --Lynne Sampson 
           Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway - Cranky the Crane

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