• Through the Eyes of the Masters: A History of Iridology

    Bernard Jensen

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    Ellen Tart-Jensen has produced a wonderfully warm, rich, and exciting piece of work accessible to all in the natural health and conventional medical fields, whether involved in iridology or not.  This book has helped fill a void in natural health and iridology history and is to be cherished for conveying that the rich tapestry of iridology history mirrors the rich tapestry of the iris itself. --John Andrews, MH, Ir, MGNI It's marvelous to be able to trace where the roots of our knowledge originated.  This book speaks to the heart and provides a loving connection to and recognition of our forefathers.  It shows us that the history of iridology is still alive in the souls of new generations through the added research that they bring. --Daniele LoRito, M.D. To have been a friend and patient of Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C., a pioneer of iridology in the United States, was truly a blessing for me!  With her life dedicated to carrying on his legacy, Ellen Tart-Jensen, in her new book, is doing just that . . . and more.  Her book is a "must read" for all of us who want to live LONG and live STRONG! --Gavin MacLeod, American Film and Television Star
           Ellen Tart-Jensen is an individual who walks the line between tradition and trendsetting. She is a Clayton College of Natural Health adjunct faculty member, course writer, and repeat conference presenter. Having worked in the fields of iridology, holistic nutrition, and natural healing methods for more than 25 years, Ellen maintains a busy iridology practice, Lifestyle Counseling Services, where she works with clients in person as well as with iris photographs from around the world.     A firm believer in education, Ellen is a graduate of Appalachian State University, University of New Mexico, Westbrook University, and the Open International University. She also spent two years studying natural healing methods at a health clinic in Switzerland. Ellen spent five years studying and working with Bernard Jensen, who is considered the father of American Iridology. She is certified to teach iridology and sign certificates on behalf of the late Doctor Jensen. Ellen is a certified diplomate instructor for the International Iridology Practitioners Association and also serves on the board of directors of IIPA. She is Vice-President of Bernard Jensen International.    Ellen s newest book,  Through the Eyes of the Masters , was born out of her studies in both European and American iridology and natural healing methods. She wrote the book out of her desire to  introduce those great iridologists, share their stories, and, hopefully, help to keep their works alive in the minds and hearts of iridologists today.

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