• Thunderstrikes How to Develop One Shot, One Kill Striking Power with Sensei Mike Reeves and Robert G. Yetman Jr.

    Paladin Press

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    Grappling arts claim to rely on angles, technique, and leverage to achieve victory, but when you're in a real fight for your life, you want to be able to hit, and hit hard. In this video, master martial artist and world breaking champion Mike Reeves extracts the most combat-effective elements of his experience in the dojo and as a former corrections officer, combining them into a conditioning program that will teach you how to develop the one shot, one kill striking power that will give you the edge in the ring and on the street. Using kettlebells, weight plates, and inexpensive items like cinder blocks, Reeves shows the muscle groups involved in the most street-effective strikes and how you can vastly increase your strength, toughness, and power to make every punch a knockout blow. Most fights are won after the first punch is thrown, so make your strikes fight-stoppers from the get-go.

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