• TI-7 Tactical Buttstock -- MIL-SPEC Size (Color: Black)

    Tactical intent

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    This tactical buttstock is designed and built by a USG contractor with decades of experience making components for small arms.   This buttstock integrates the materials and practices needed to satisfy the government, along with the rugged functionality demanded by tactical forces and enthusiasts.  This buttstock has a contoured buttplate, made of a rubber-like material, that allows the stock to rest comfortably in any shooting position.  The buttplate provides a positive, non-slip contact surface.  The buttstock features a sloping cheek-weld surface that allows for greatest shooting accuracy.  The stock attaches by a unique, patent-pending method that ensures smooth rattle-free action and proper fit to the receiver tubes.  There are 2 water-resistant storage chambers for batteries or cleaning kit in the buttstock.  There is no need to remove the buttstock to access the storage, the chambers can be opened while the stock is mounted.  The release lever is shielded and the whole stock is designed to be very snag-resistant.  The release lever can be operated with a single hand to adjust or remove the buttstock.  The TI-7 commercial size stock also has an ambi socket for quick release sling swivels. The materials are all MIL-SPEC and all the metallic components are stainless steel.  The buttstock also has an ambi quick-release sling swivel point.Some states or communities have restrictions on collapsible buttstocks.  Check whether any such legal restrictions apply to you prior to purchasing this item. 
    NOTE on COLOR: Colors shown are an approximation. Computer monitors vary significantly making accurate color representation very difficult. Our colors are matched to FED STD 595C. Most commercial "Flat dark Earth" products are a shade lighter than the FED STD. Please order our Coyote Tan for best match to PMAGS and other commercial products in Flat Dark Earth.

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