• Tight On Time Body Blast

    Tamilee Webb

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    Tight on Time? No time to exercise? Tamilee Webb has found the solution.  Tamilee takes you through four ten-minute fun exercises designed to focus on your cardio, core and buns. Do the entire program for an ultra-varied workout or just select the workout that fits your mood and schedule. Everyone can find at least ten minutes a day to keep their body in shape and with this program you ll get the variety you need to stay motivated, but challenged, and best of all, get in great shape.   BUNS & THIGHS- Donkey kicks, side leg lifts and butterflies are all blasts from the past but still get the job done.  Grab a mat and join Tamilee as she takes you through ten minutes of floor exercises you might remember from the good old days.  No shoes necessary, just leg warmers!   NO-NONSENSE CARDIO STEP-  Want a cardio workout without complicated combinations?  If so, join Tamilee for a quick ten-minute cardio step workout that anyone can follow.  If you want to increase the intensity of the workout, add dumbbells and you ve just kicked up your energy output and increased your upper body strength.   ABS TO THE CORE-  What do all athletes have in common?  A strong core!  Tamilee takes you through ten minutes of floor exercises that will strengthen your core, improve your balance and firm your abs!   BONUS WORKOUT - GET ON THE BALL-Balls are not just for kids!  Join Tamilee as she takes you through ten minutes of fun exercises designed to build lean muscles, improve balance and core strength.  You ll also learn to incorporate the stability ball in your daily routine to improve posture and stability.  A warm up period is essential prior to any workout, and Tamilee has created a quick and easy three-minute warm up.  Need to relax those muscles you just worked out?  Join Tamilee for a five-minute smooth and relaxing stretch that will lengthen you muscles and increase flexibility.

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