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    Summer Infant

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    The award-winning tinydiner portable placemat provides a clean, safe eating surface that goes anywhere. The patented design protects children from germy surfaces while keeping spills off their laps. The built-in scoop catches the inevitable drips and dribbles, and the outer rim of the placemat contains wet messes. The tinydiner rolls eaily into its own scoop to tuck into a diaper bag so it is always ready when needed. At mealtime, it unrolls into a generous 12"X18" eating and playing surface that stays securely in place with strong suction cups. Made of safe, FDA compliant materials with no PVC, latex or phthalates.
             Summer Infant TinyDiner   Summer Infant TinyDiner is a beautifully crafted and clean placemat to eat on. It can be carried anywhere. The TinyDiner will help prevent spillage on the laps of kids as well as keep germs away. There is a scoop built into it, which gets hold of drips and spills while kids eat. The exterior rim of the placemat controls wet messes. It is easy to roll up and can be carried in a diaper bag.   Why You'll Love It:   It is a great way to prevent drips and spills when kids are eating.  Features  Built-in scoop to control the mess   Suction cups helps keep the placemat in place   Outer rim controls wet messes   Raised edges   Easy to roll up Made from TPE; a non-latex, non-PVC, non-phthalate, non-BPA material

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