• Titanium Smart Fast 16 Bay Ni-MH AA/AAA Battery Charger

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    Titanium MD-1600L Ni-MH AA/AAA Smart Fast Battery Charger:
    The Titanium MD-1600L is the ultimate battery charging station. Now you can charge sixteen Ni-MH AA or AAA batteries at the same time!
    This elegant charger has a clean design and though it charges 16 batteries, it is still compact enough to thrown in your suitcase or bag when

    Integrated USB ports help unclutter your digital life; now you can plug in your portable MP3 players, phones, iPods and iPhones into the charger's
    USB ports. Charge on the go using the include 12V car plug adapter.

    State of the Art Features:
    Backlit LCD indicates charge level Integrated Battery Conditioning; discharge and charges your batteries at the press of a button restoring your
    batteries to their optimal condition and eliminating any memory effect. Micro Pulse Charging ensures the fastest, coolest and most efficient possible
    charge enhancing battery life.

    Sixteen Independent Charge Channels:
    The MD-1600L is a sixteen channel charger, so each bay has a circuit dedicated to monitoring the battery it charges. The smart circuitry will detect
    when the battery is charged and automatically switches to a trickle charge. This intelligence keeps your batteries from getting overheated while
    charging, which maximizes the life of your cells. This also allows you to charge a mixture of batteries at the same time, from AAs to AAAs, all of which
    can have a different charge state.

    LCD Charge Status Display:
    Have you ever used a charger that had LEDs to indicate the charge status? If so, then you know how frustrating it can be figuring out what it means
    when the light is solid, blinking, red, or green. The MD-1600L has easy to-read LCD screens with indigo backlights that show you a battery icon for
    each cell. Each channel is represented by its own battery icon made up 4 "bars" that indicate charge percentage (25/50/75/100%).

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