• To Know Your Self: The Essential Teachings of Swami Satchidananda

    Integral Yoga

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    The following is from the preface by Swami Satchidananda to To   Know Your Self:     When you know your Self--your true Self--then you know everything, and  you understand everyone.  It's not easy to know your Self.  It takes  work and perseverance.  But even that effort can be joyous, and when  the realization dawns, you will enjoy your own true nature, which is  always peaceful and happy.     May the teachings in this book show you the way to know your true Self  and help you on your path. Peace of mind and happiness is our  birthright.  Why don't we all rise up and enjoy that?  Yoga shows  everyone how to stand on his own two feet.  It is for everyone.  It's  not another religion, but it may help people find the key to their own  religions. Its my humble prayer that you use these simple keys to free  yourself from all unhappiness.       The East and the West are coming together.  I truly believe a new age  is dawning.  We can make a heaven right here on earth.  But we can  save the world only if we save ourselves, remake and refine ourselves.  Let us begin now.  The teachings in this book are intended to help  each reader refine himself or herself.  We are all happiness  personified, noble and beautiful souls, each with a unique service.  Let us discover who we are essentially and live that in all joy.

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