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    Tonique Sculpt Dynamics combines Sylwia's intense passion for dance and fitness, designed around the core principles and dynamic sculpting of the Tonique method:  First, to utilize moves that engage the entire body and work your core at all times; second, to include the freedom of vibrant self-expression while working out to enable you to let go of your insecurities and become a more confident person; and finally, to incorporate the high number of repetitions that is a Tonique trademark. Tonique Sculpt Dynamics is a nonstop mix of dance & sculpt and is your tool to get sweaty and build an amazing body.  Its focus is on sculpting and cardiovascular endurance, not on choreographed steps. This maximizes the results from your workout, increasing your fitness level as you teach yourself to control each move, and to be in tune with your body. Sylwia wants you to focus on yourself & how your body feels during the moves.  You must engage your entire body as well as your mind. Tonique Arm Dynamics is on a separate disc.  In this part of the workout, Sylwia still wants you to move nonstop, staying in place but engaging and moving your legs and your core; you'll keep your stomach in and focus on rotations.  Again, it's very important to control each move, be fast but maintain your form.  Don't throw your arms around; instead control each move. Sylwia says: "When filming this workout DVD, I had a blast dancing for over five hours with hardly any breaks.  I was able to be myself, release my passion and feelings and let my body lead me.  I hope you can do the same.  Block out other thoughts, think "ME" and enjoy movement as much as you can.  Each step is one towards obtaining fitness, firmness and confidence. Thank you all for loving Tonique.  It is a joy to share with you what I love most...life filled with movement." Running Time: Disc One - 2 hrs 10 minutess (chaptered) Disc Two Arms - approximately 40 mins, Released 2012

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