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    Organix South - TheraNeem Neem Toothpaste Mint - 15 Grams If you want your teeth to gleam, brush with Organix SouthTheraNeem Neem Toothpaste. Organix SouthTheraNeem Neem Toothpaste is made with supercritical extracts of neem leaf and neem bark. Organix SouthTheraNeem Neem Toothpaste supports healthy teeth and gums. Organix SouthTheraNeem Neem Toothpaste is gluten and paraben free. Organix SouthTheraNeem Neem Toothpaste is not tested on animals. TheraNeem Neem has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic treatments, applications which have been validated in more than 100 studies in universities and research centers around the world. Neem oil contains extraordinarily high levels of antioxidants, which help protect the skin from free radicals caused by over-exposure to sun, environmental toxins and other damaging elements. Neem oil also contains high levels of fatty acids that soak in quickly to soothe and nourish even chronically dry and itchy skin. Neem leaf, when taken internally, acts as a blood purifier and tonic, supports healthy skin, immune system response, healthy bowel function, and aids in the maintenance of glucose stability. About Organix-South andTheir Mission Organix-South, the world's leading manufacturer of certified-organic Neem products, is a rapidly growing natural products division of Nutraceutical Corporation, located in rural central Florida. They are a young and idealistic group of individuals who believe that the details matter and that the journey is half the fun. They are committed to promoting organic, fairly traded and ethically wild-crafted herbal dietary supplements and protective body care products. Their mission is to create wholesome and natural products while taking care of the planet. Mission Statement They create, manufacture and sell neem and other Ayurvedic herbal products.

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