• Toppik Large (.87oz/25g ) - Medium Brown

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  • Description

    Shampoo your hair first and style. Use only on dry hair.
     Hold the container a few inches away from the bald or thinning area and shake liberally to dispense the product throughout the targeted area.
     Shake Toppik liberally, over the desired areas, don't worry about any fibers falling into surrounding hair, because they will simply disappear. 
     For thinning or bald spots towards the back of your head, use a mirror to help guide you during the application process. Fill in further as needed. After a few applications you will soon learn to apply Toppik effectively with only an occasional glance at the mirror or without mirror at all.
     For frontal areas, be sure to use your hand or a towel across your forehead slightly underneath the natural hairline to keep excess fibers from falling directly onto your forehead or near your eye area.
     After applying the product where desired, gently pat the area with your palms to ensure proper coverage of the hair fibers. Use an open, plastic, non-bristle brush to style your hair as normal. You will notice that your hair is now much easier to style with the added bulk of the Toppik fibers.

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