• Tovolo Jewel Pop Molds - Set of 6


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  • Description

    Tovolo Jewel Pop Molds   A true gem is sure to dazzle. Our Jewel Pop Molds are designed with the little ones in mind. The ring shape helps keep a firm grip on the hand while enjoying the bejeweled creation.    Each individual Jewel Pop mold measures 3 inches tall by 1.5 inches wide, holding one ounce of liquid, the perfect portion for the youngsters. The small ring finger handle includes a drip guard to avoid messy, sticky hands. The base (6.75"L x 5"W) keeps molds secure from tips or spills.    Features   Includes set of 6 molds, 6 ring handles, and base (13 pieces) Each mold holds 1 ounce Drip guard handle Remove one pop at a time BPA Free Dishwasher Safe You can fill this jewel with your favorite beverages, yogurts or drink mixes to make a delicious treasure. Your kids will be overjoyed to wear their nugget of delight as they slip on their homemade jewel pop.    Benefits   A perfect portion for the little ones Bright pink � fade resistant color Ring shape easy to hold Healthy homemade freeze pops Reusable, reduce waste

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