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    Perfect for the home, office, or travel, Tovolo's clever tea infuser is tidily self-contained, takes up almost no space, and delivers a perfect cup of tea every time. Cast in a cheerful semi-translucent purple hue, the heat-resistant polycarbonate handle has a slim wand silhouette that sits perfectly in the hand. An 18/10 stainless steel basket attaches to the end in an ample oval design to hold healthy servings of loose teas, even those with large ingredients like rose petals or orange peels. The infuser nestles basket-side down in an angled base that catches excess water and provides convenient storage. Also available in green and red, this handy tool makes a thoughtful add-on gift with a box of specialty teas. It comes with attractive Asian-inspired packaging and goes safely into the dishwasher for easy clean-up.  --Kara Karll 
                       Tovolo Tea Infuser   Are you tired of that old ball and chain? Well, let it go. We have created a tea infuser that allows you to steep the perfect cup in style. Our tea infuser comes in 3 elegant colors, deep purple, cranberry red, and emerald green. This lavish design is not only super chic it is practical.    A simple infuser designed for ease of use. Place your tea leaves in the bulb. We created a bulb with space to let the tea leaves to expand while they steep. The heat resistant polycarbonate base allows you to rest your infuser after steeping. The handle rests nicely against your tea cup. The infuser handle allows for easy stirring.    Features   Stainless infuser with polycarbonate handle Includes base BPA Free Dishwasher Safe Rest the infuser in the deep angled base to collect all the drips without a mess. You can remove the stainless ball to clean out the used leaves and place infuser in dishwasher. The Tovolo Tea Infuser is brews a perfect cup of tea at home or in the office.    Benefits   Fun, stylish colors (Red, Green, and Purple) Perfect for home or the office

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