• Transfer Bench Tub Mt. Swivel Molded Seat/Back

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  • $85.00

  • Description

    Sliding Swivel Seat Tub Mount Transfer Bench

    Durable and easy to use, the Sliding Swivel Tub Mount Transfer Bench helps patients transfer in and out of tubs easily without taking up too much space. The Eagle Tub Mount Transfer Bench is ideal for smaller bathrooms and those with limited mobility. With a tub mount transfer bench, bathing is both safer and easier.

    What makes the Swivel Seat Tub Mount Transfer Bench unique is the space saving tub-mounting features. Unlike most transfer benches, the Tub Mount Transfer Bench doesn't have any legs extending outside of the bathtub, saving space and helping to keep water from splashing outside of the bathtub.

    The Tub Mount Transfer Bench also features a swivel seat that makes getting in and out of the bath tub even easier and safer. In addition, the seat swivels a full 360 degrees so it can be used for tubs with faucets at either end. Enjoy unmatched safety and quality for patient bathtub transfers without taking up too much space.

    Tub Mount Transfer Bench Features:

    • Bathroom space saver, transfer bench mounts onto the tub wall
    • Tub mounts easily clamp to side of tub without scratching
    • Non-slip surface keeps you from sliding off the transfer bench
    • Durable and lightweight aluminum frame
    • Height adjustable....

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