• Travel Berkey 1.5 Gal, Stainless Steel Water Purifier with 2 Black Berkey Elements

    Big Berkey

  • $269.00

  • Description

    This special offer on the Travel Berkey water filter now includes the sight glass spigot. Always know how much filtered water you have in the berkey without the hassle of lifting the upper container. Also makes it easier to judge the amount of water you can add to the system without over filling it.  The travel berkey is an ideal water filter for small families up to 4 people and its compact size makes it perfect for travel or use in smaller spaces like motorhomes, camping trailers and apartments. Produces purified water from most sources including lakes and rivers without the need for water pressure or electricity. This berkey package deal comes complete including the standard spigot, easy to understand instructions and everything you need to start enjoying the benefits of purified drinking water immediately.

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