• Treatment Product - A-TEAM® - Retinol + Wrinkle Treatment, 1 oz


  • $99.75

  • Description

    With A-TEAM, you receive all of the ingredients required, including 0.3% Retinol to help make your skin look young, beautiful and smooth once again. Aging skin needs help regenerating its cells to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A-TEAM will do just that with the help of a few key ingredients including myR2X Enhanced Retinol Complex, mySBP 189, Actiwhite and Chromabright. Each of these key ingredients helps to restore your skins tightening properties and helps to recondition and smooth out your facial skin. When this product is used correctly it can help to reduce the size of the appearance of your pores and help alleviate redness, irritation and rough patches on your skin.

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