• Tri-Ominos

    Pressman Toy Corp

  • $21.95

  • Description

    Tri-Ominos is the classic triangular domino game, combining strategy, luck, and new challenges each time you play. Children will be adept at matching numbers wherever possible, and adults will appreciate the strategy involved in making the best moves for the most points. Tri-Ominos play is similar to dominos in that players are laying tiles that match up to other tiles in the play area, with the goal to get points and be rid of tiles. This edition has 56 tiles and a storage tray in the box. Instructions are printed on the back of the game's box.  This 1968 Pressman edition was re-issued by Pressman Toy in 1985; the only difference is the copyright statement on bottom of box. For 2 to 6 players ages 8 years to adult.

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