• Tribest Sproutman Soil-Free Wheat Grass Grower Set


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  • Description

    Sproutman's Soil-Free Wheatgrass Grower grows wheatgrass with or without soil. Either method provides you with high quality, dark green grass. So, why not save time and eliminate the hassle of dealing with dirt? Research shows grass grown without soil is nutritionally equivalent to soil-grown grass. Instructions for Growing Included ,,, Want more grass? No problem! The basic three-level unit is expandable up to 10 trays! Since each tray produces approximately 1 lb, you can have as much as 10 lbs of lush, vibrant wheatgrass in a compact, efficient space. Remember to buy your wheatgrass grower so that you can benefit from making and drinking your own wholesome healthy wheatgrass juice. Includes: 3 Clear Green House Covers, 3 Black Germinating Lids, 3 Growing Trays, 3 Shelf Baskets, 8 Standing columns, 4 White Caps, 4 Black Feet, 3 Soil -Free Seeding Flats, 3 Plastic Seed Sheets (Helps prevent root balling), 1 Spray Bottle and 1.5 lbs of Wheatgrass Seeds

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