• TRIPLE JETFLAME T-SERIES - enterprise 3 - black + chrome


  • $80.00

  • Description

    For those who are looking to buy a lighter that is powerful and reliable the Enterprise Triple Jet Flame Lighter is the one for you. This Colibri cigarette lighter has a strong wind-resistant triple flame that is extremely efficient and will allow you to easily light your cigar. These flames are started by an efficient and reliable single action mechanism that is very convenient for those who like to waste no time. This Colibri cigarette lighter also includes a fuel level indicator that will let you know when the lighter needs more butane. Another useful feature this lighter offers is the stainless steel cigar punch that is built into the lighter. This is a lighter not only with high quality features but its sleek stylish appearance will invoke envy. This is a lighter that any smoker would surely want to have. 

    Design Features:
    • triple jet flame
    • single action ignition
    • wind resistant
    • fuel level window
    • 8mm stainless steel punch

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