• Tritium Key Ring (Black)


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  • Description

    Product Details  The Tritium Key Ring is an easy way to consolidate, organize and deploy multiple sets of keys and key chain tools. This efficient device has three separate key rings joined by two 0.75 inches side release buckles and can attach to your belt, on a tie-down loop in your Maxpedition bag, or you can just carry it in your pocket. You can also join multiple Tritium Key Rings to keep additional sets of keys or key chain tools together.  Product Features Overall size: 1 in (L) x 5.5 in (H) x 0.75 in (W)  Three split rings coupled with two 0.75 inches side release buckles  Heavy duty nylon webbing throughout  Great way to organize and deploy keys and small key chain tool Please note: Tritium Key Ring does not contain the radioactive isotope Tritium (hydrogen-3).

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