• True Utility Nail Clip Kit

    True Utility / Infora

  • $11.90

  • Description

    This beautifully designed super sharp assortment of stainless steel tools is barely as large as a small door key, yet contains man sized extra strong and really sharp nail clippers, for the gnarliest of nails, that spring out cleverly from the ergonomically shaped stainless steel body. It also houses a razor sharp small blade, nail file, and flat edged screwdriver - not to mention, a pair of self sprung scissors! These strong, straight-edged nail clippers will produce precise, clean results every time providing good leverage on even thickened or difficult nails. They have a small split ring included so that they can be discreetly attached to your key ring, or simply kept near to hand - for those quiet and comforting manicure moments!.

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