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    Thermotex Heating Pad TTS Gold- 15 x 16" The TTS Gold is a single element device - 120 volts, 35 watts - ideally suited to heavily-muscled areas of the back. All Thermotex Infrared Heating Pad systems come with covers featuring adjustable Velcro fasteners and are machine washable. Face covers are 100%% nylon and back covers consist of a 50/50 nylon-cotton blend. All systems come with hi-low power settings. On the low setting, after full heat up, the micron range holds steady at 9.1376 based on surface temperatures of 111 F. On the high setting, the micron range is 9.1089 to 8.7778 based on the range of surface temperatures of 113 F to 135 F. The infrared elements themselves are not flexible and should never be bent. The Thermotex Infrared Therapy System is a convenient, portable heating pad system that you can use at home, in the office, while driving or on vacation to provide effective temporary pain relief wherever and whenever you need it. The Thermotex Heating Pad produces infrared heating to provide deep penetrating warmth for temporary relief of acute and chronic pain. Pain from injury and chronic ailments can be debilitating and keep you from participating in the activities you enjoy. Below are a few of the conditions Thermotex Heating Pads have provided temporary relief of pain from:

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