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    Round coin storage tubes for modern size U.S. Pennies
    These round tubes are made of crystal clear polystyrene with unbreakable plastic screw on caps, giving them an air tight lock for permanent security.
    Polystyrene is an inert, archival quality plastic, making these tubes suitable for long term storage of your coins. These will not damage, discolor or tarnish your coins.
    Each tube is designed to hold a standard roll of 50 Pennies (without the wrapper). Given the variations in the way rolled coins are rolled by each financial institution, tubes are not guaranteed to hold wrapped rolls.
    - Diameter 13/16"(20.6375mm)
    - Height 3 1/8"(79.375mm)
    Although these tubes are specifically designed for storing coins, they are also ideal for holding other small items such as buttons, sewing supplies, hardware, fishing tackle, jewelry making supplies, beads, small cosmetic items, matches, and more.

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